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Freedom Day USA

National Thank You Movement For Our Military & Their Families – Brookline MA

In October, businesses across the United States participated in . Each participating business said thank you with free goods & services. The Freedom Day USA organization hopes this will become a National “Thank You” Holiday.

“Our men and women of the Armed Forces make great personal sacrifices in order to secure and protect our freedoms,” said Dr. Robert Martino, founder of the Freedom Day USA event. “Their families at home endure many hardships as well, along with the constant concern for the safety of their loved one. Freedom Day USA is a great way to show how grateful we are for the sacrifices they make for our freedom.”


Freedom Day USA’s birth was in the field of dentistry but has grown to include many other service and retail industries. Dr. Berdj Kiladjian of Longwood Dental Group is the Freedom Day USA State Director for Massachusetts. “This is a grassroots campaign that has really taken off.” says Dr. Kiladjian. “Businesses across the country are joining the “thank you” event for military families in their city. They are the one’s really making this work.”

Gail Barnes, also of Longwood Dental Group, is City Coordinator for Brookline and Boston “I am very proud to be assisting businesses in taking part in Freedom Day USA” says City Coordinator Gail Barnes. “Our Troops and their families sacrifice so much to protect us; this is a great way of letting them know how much we appreciate them.”

To learn more about this National Thank You Movement, contact City Coordinator Gail Barnes at 617.751.5921 or email to gail.barnes@longwood-dental.com.

Photos From Our 10/10/19 Freedom Day Event

Photos From Our 10/11/18 Freedom Day Event

Photos From Our 10/12/17 Freedom Day Event

Freedom Day 2016

Photos From Our 9/11/16 Freedom Day Event

Dr. Nafash, Susan and patient

Freedom Day 2016

Freedom Day 2016

Dr. Kiladjian and patient

Photos From Our 9/11/14 Freedom Day Event

Freedom Day 2014

Freedom Day 2014

Freedom Day 2014