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Key Benefits of Lexapro and Its Application for Human Health

Summary below contains important information about Lexapro, its cases of application, main benefits for human health, as well as necessary precautions and possible side effects during treatment.
buy lexapro – Brief Summary of Lexapro, Its Main Ingredients and Application
Lexapro (also referred to as Escitalopram) represents an antidepressant that originates from a group of medications called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). Lexapro is able to influence the concentration of specific chemicals inside the brain that are subject to alteration in patients having anxiety and depression. Lexapro is applied for treatment of major depressive disorders in adults as well as adolescents of minimum 12 years old. Lexapro is also suitable for treatment of anxiety in adult patients as well.

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Proper Ways of Taking Lexapro and Summary of Dosage

Lexapro is to be taken in exact accordance with prescription from specialized doctor. All directions from the prescription label are to be followed at all times, provided that there is a proper familiarization with list of guides and instruction on the leaflet. Your physician may change the dose throughout the treatment cycle. Lexapro is to be taken at the same time every day, without and/or with food. The liquid version of Lexapro is to be measured with the dosing syringe included in the package, or with help of a medicine dose-measuring device. It Keep in mind, that Lexapro may take up to 4 weeks prior to improving your symptoms.
The starting dose for adults is 10 mg to be taken orally one time per day. The dose is subject to variation minimum after 1 week of treatment, if required, up to 20 mg to be taken one time per day. The maintenance dose is 10 – 20 mg to be taken orally one time per day. The highest allowable dose is 20 mg to be taken orally one time per day.
Treatment is subject to periodical reassessments in order to verify health conditions of patient and confirm the necessity to continue the treatment. Prescription of Lexapro to children should be thoroughly assessed by specialized healthcare provider prior to initiating any treatment.
Missed dose of Lexapro should not be doubled, just to compensate it. If you find out a missed dose, take it right away, however do not proceed with taking Lexapro if it is about time for your next dose already.

Analysis of Possible Side Effects and Precautions Associated with Lexapro

Seek for an immediate emergency medical assistance if experience any signs of allergic reaction to Lexapro or any of its ingredients: problems with breathing, skin rashes or hives, swollen lips, face, throat or tongue. Most commonly observed side effects from Lexapro are:
pain during urination;
drowsiness, dizziness, overall weakness or tiredness;
anxiety or agitation;
increased movements of muscles, shaky feeling;
sleep disorders (insomnia);
dryness of mouth, excessive sweating, increased thirst, appetite loss;
constipation, nausea;
continuous yawning;
frequently bleeding nose, heavy menstrual cycles;
reduced sex drive, problems with reaching orgasm, impotence.