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Dental Filling Options

Your Dental Fillings

Dental materials used to restore teeth have changed dramatically and superior alternatives now exist to silver fillings.

Silver filling material (amalgam) is excellent not withstanding certain problems: darkening of the tooth is common, breakdown of the silver material when fillings are large, corrosion of the silver metal leading to leakage, and the controversy that exists regarding the long term effects of mercury in silver fillings in the body.

In response to the problems that silver fillings present, newer materials have been developed which allow the filling materials to be bonded (attached) to the tooth structure. These new materials classified as “composite resins”, actually strengthen the tooth.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all dental materials. There is no data to show that any one material lasts longer than another and the longevity of a dental restoration is influenced mainly by mouth chemistry and mechanical stresses placed on the material.

It is our responsibility to evaluate each situation individually and recommend which material is in the best interest of each patient. We feel that composite materials are the next generation and are fast replacing silver filling materials as the treatment of choice.

If you are covered by a dental insurance program, it is important that you read your coverage booklet and understand what is and is not covered under your plan.

Our treatment is predicated on what is best for you and not what the insurance company covers. We do our best to be knowledgeable regarding insurance plans, however there are far too many dental plans for us to know all limitations on all plans.

Ultimately, you are responsible for payment of services, we urge you to be aware of your coverage features. Please check your booklet, or inquire directly with your insurance carrier.

Most insurance carriers are paying for these new restorations, on a partial basis.

We deliver what we feel is the finest dentistry that can be provided, and do not want a misunderstanding of your benefits to affect your care.