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Specialty Dentistry

Get Advanced Dental Treatments From Our Expert Dentistry Specialists

Specialty Dentistry offers specialized dental treatments in sedation dentistry, gum disease and periodontics, root canals and Invisalign.

No referrals & no travel needed for your specialty dentistry needs!

Longwood Dental Group provides all of your dental care in one place. Our team of general dentists and specialist dentists work together coordinating your care.
Your comfort and care are their top priority.

Gone are the days when you have to visit multiple dentist locations to attain the same goal. There’s no hassle of finding another dentist to do this or that. We do it all!

Specialty Dentistry consists of specialized treatments in the areas of advanced orthodontics, gum disease and periodontics, root canals and sedation dentistry.

At Longwood Dental Group advanced dental treatments are offered by our expert dentist specialists.

Services Include:

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