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Cosmetic, Specialty & General Dentistry Near Watertown

Watertown is a beautiful town situated in Middlesex County, just outside the historical city of Boston. Home to bustling businesses, and beautiful suburban neighborhoods, Watertown is perfect for young professionals and expanding families. Commuters can also easily access the city by car or the local MBTA bus.

Longwood Dental Group is located only a few miles from Watertown and patients can get to our dental practice by public transportation or car. Our staff offers a wide array of dental services including cosmetic dentistry, specialty dentistry and general dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry Near Watertown

If you reside in Watertown and would like dental cosmetic work done, book an appointment at Longwood Dental – just 4 miles down the road! A healthy, bright white smile goes a long way. In fact, a smile is the first thing people notice about you. Our expert cosmetic dentists near Watertown offer of professional teeth whitening through take home trays

Take home trays are a bit different and are molded into the contours of your teeth at our on-site lab. You leave with the trays and professional strength teeth whitening gel. 

In addition to our teeth whitening services near Watertown, we offer dental veneers, dental implants, dentures, CEREC crown technology, dental bonding and dental bridges.

General Dentistry Near Watertown

By going for a regular check-up at Longwood Dental you can prevent cavities, plaque buildup and gum disease. Our dentists will check for disease-causing bacteria in the mouth, gingivitis, and we’ll take X-rays when necessary. Through our preventative and restorative dental care near Watertown, we can help patients maintain clean and healthy teeth and gums, prevent cavities and tooth decay. 

Additional general dentistry services include:

Specialty Dentistry Near Watertown

Whether you’re in need of sedation dentistry, periodontics, root canals or Invisalign treatment, we have you covered. Our specialty dentists near Watertown provide accelerated orthodontics through Invisalign® + PROPEL®.

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The dentists at Longwood Dental have years of experience providing patients with general, cosmetic and specialty dentistry near Watertown. Check out our awards and honors to learn more about our talented dentists. Fill out our contact form to book a consultation today.