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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings Actually Strengthen Your Tooth

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Dental Fillings Actually Strengthen Your ToothFor hundreds of years, dental fillings have been used to restore teeth. Dental fillings are placed in teeth where a dentist has had to remove tooth structure due to decay or fracture.

Due to advanced technology, today’s filling materials have been substantially improved. You don’t have to be treated with unsightly silver amalgam. Today’s preferred options for tooth restoration are mercury free, composite fillings. These “white fillings” are made of durable resin and porcelain materials that are bonded to your teeth. The technology behind these new materials allows them to bond to the tooth structure, actually strengthening the tooth.

Creating A Dental Filling

  • Decayed teeth require fillings to restore strength and health of natural teeth.
  • The decayed portion of the tooth is removed from the sound tooth structure.
  • Filling materials is shaped to match the look and feel of natural teeth. Traditionally, silver or amalgam material has been the filling of choice.
  • Today, many modern materials can be used to mimic the color and texture of natural teeth.

Dental materials used to restore teeth have changed dramatically and superior alternatives now exist to silver fillings.

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