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Cosmetic, Specialty & General Dentistry Near Somerville, MA

A thriving city on the outskirts of Boston, Somerville is a commuter’s dream. With trains, buses and an abundance of bike paths, many young professionals choose to live in Somerville while working in downtown Boston. In recent years Somerville has seen new and exciting businesses added to Assembly Row and the surrounding area.

It brings the team at Longwood Dental Group great pleasure to be providing our dental services to residents of Somerville. If you reside in Somerville and are looking for general, specialty or cosmetic dental services, we’re just a quick trip by car or train!

Cosmetic Dentistry Near Somerville

At Longwood Dental, our dedicated staff is here to provide our patients with impeccable cosmetic dentistry. If you have stained teeth and are looking to whiten, we provide two unique options. Stop by the office and pick up take-home whitening trays. Our cosmetic dentists will sit down and discuss both options so you can feel comfortable with your decision.

If you  have cracked, gapped, or crowded teeth, we have several options available to help you regain confidence. Some options we have available include:

Using state-of-the-art technology, our patients get the smile they deserve. It’s our aim for each and every patient to smile with confidence.

General Dentistry Near Somerville

From dental fillings to dental inlays and onlays, our team also provides expert general dentistry services. Our regular dental cleanings include checking for plaque, gingivitis and surface stains while our digital X-rays check for bones loss, tooth decay and abscesses. 

Specialty Dentistry Near Somerville

We offer a one-stop-shop dental experience which means patients can receive both general, specialty and cosmetic dentistry services from us. What is specialty dentistry? Services include root canals, periodontics (gum disease), accelerated orthodontics, and Invisalign

Call the team at Longwood Dental Group at 617.843.6645 to schedule an appointment.