Cosmetic, Specialty & General Dentistry Near Boston’s South End

Bordered by Back Bay, Chinatown, and Roxbury, the South End of Boston is distinguished from other Boston neighborhoods by its Victorian-styled homes and brownstone lined-streets, with scenic parks throughout the area.  With hidden gems including jazz clubs, art galleries, classy bars and restaurants, and boutiques, the South End gives city dwellers a blend of downtown city life mixed with a residential feel.

An easy hop on a nearby MBTA train or bus stop, Longwood Dental is conveniently located near the South End, and is easily accessible by train, bus or car. We attend to all of your dental needs including general, cosmetic and specialty dentistry services.

General Dentistry Services Near South End, Boston

Whether you need a regular dental visit for teeth cleaning or an x-ray exam to identify any issues, our dentists ensure your oral hygiene is in tip-top shape with our general and preventive dentistry services.  We check for everything including signs of gum disease, tooth decay, gingivitis and more. Some of our other services are comprised of wisdom teeth removal, dental fillings, and dental inlays and onlays.

Cosmetic and Speciality Dentistry Near South End, Boston

Want to improve your smile?  Our expert dentists are skilled with transforming smiles with implants, dental crowns, veneers, and other cosmetic services.

Dental Implants

Dental implants give your smile a natural look and feel, while preserving your other teeth, combating tooth loss and strengthening adjacent teeth.  Not only will you worry less about your dental implants slipping out of place, but they’ll also last you for life, with no changes to your eating or speech.

Dental Crowns

At Longwood Dental, our dental crown services restore the natural beauty and health of your teeth.  Tooth crowns are prescribed for teeth that are broken, decayed, or cracked that cannot be easily restored with a dental filling.  Our cosmetic dentistry team can make dental crowns either entirely of gold or porcelain fused to a gold substrate for strength and beauty.

Dental Veneers

If you’re looking to show off a gorgeous new smile, our cosmetic dentistry experts can help you change the color, shape, length, alignment, and spacing of your teeth.  Dental veneers are customized to cover the surface of teeth, creating a smile you can stunt with confidence.


Whether you’re suffering from an overbite or overcrowding, our orthodontics will work with you to discuss whether Invisalign is right for you.   If you’re looking to straighten your teeth without the hassle of braces, contact our dental office to see if you’d be a candidate for Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear set of retainers that slowly straighten teeth over time, and are virtually invisible. 

Our other treatments include periodontic and gum disease, and accelerated orthodontics, root canal extractions and 3D CT scanning for quality surgical predictability.

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Longwood Dental provides teeth cleanings, dental x-ray exams, custom veneers, dental implants and more, all under one roof, with no referrals or travel needed.  Our team of well-seasoned general and specialist dentists work together to coordinate your oral health needs.

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