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Implant Supported Dentures

An Implant Supported Denture (or “Overdenture”) Is a Type of Implant Prosthesis That Is a Cross Between a Traditional Denture and All-On-4 Treatment.

Implant supported dentures use clasps that snap over bars or locators, instead of resting directly on top of your gum tissues.

Arsham Bedrossian, Master Denture TechnicianWith an implant-supported plate, you can enjoy the conveniences of:

  • Greater stability than a conventional, removable denture
  • Ability to remove it for easy home care
  • Offering an alternative to All-on-4 implant dentures
  • Preventing accelerated bone loss
  • Improved confidence
  • The ability to speak or eat more comfortably throughout the day

An Alternative to Sticky Pastes and Adhesives

If you’re already wearing removable dentures, it may be possible to use implants to secure them throughout the day. Certain types of dentures can be modified to snap over implant locators, so that you don’t have to worry about the implant slipping out of place in front of friends or colleagues.

You May Want to Consider Using Implants to Support a Denture If…

  • Changes in your oral anatomy make it difficult to keep your denture stable
  • Your removable denture causes discomfort throughout the day
  • Denture adhesives or pastes don’t offer enough security
  • You are experiencing rapid bone loss and changes in your facial profile
  • You are embarrassed or find it difficult to speak with your current prosthesis
  • It’s becoming difficult to maintain a balanced diet

Depending on your specific types of needs, implant supported overdentures can be delivered on the same day of your implant placement. If a provisional (healing) prosthesis is used, an adjusted or permanent denture may be made a bit later on after your mouth has had a chance to respond to the implant surgery.

Affordable Implants in Brookline, MA

Implant supported dentures are an affordable alternative to other types of full mouth rehabilitation. Plus, Longwood Dental Group provides a convenient payment program for our patients to access.

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