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How Dental Implants Work

What Are Dental Implants?

An implant is an artificial titanium tooth root that is placed into the jaw where a natural tooth once stood.

A dental implant’s stability and integrity allows it to support prosthesis such as:

  • Porcelain dental crowns
  • Multiple tooth bridges
  • Full mouth dentures

Implants are not removable, which means they provide Longwood Dental Group patients with a permanent tooth replacement that can last longer than any other type of dental treatment!

Since they look just like natural teeth, dental implants provide you with a secure option that enhances your facial profile and improves the appearance of your smile.

What Is It That Makes Dental Implants So Unique?

Dental implants function differently than any other type of modern tooth replacement! In fact, implants are one-of-a-kind when it comes to helping you restore and rebuild your smile.

✓ Implants Are Artificial Tooth Roots

Modern implants mimic the structure of a natural tooth root. They’re slimmer than they have been in decades. Each one stands independently of other structures inside of your mouth.

✓ Your Body Loves Them

Made of highly bio-compatible materials, your body recognizes dental implants as if they were real teeth. In fact, it even grows new bone around them, fusing the implants permanently within your jaw. This process is called “osseointegration.”

Titanium isn’t just used for replacing missing teeth. It is also the material of choice for surgical procedures such as joint replacement. Medical and dental experts have relied on it for decades.

✓ They Support an Incredible Amount of Weight

Implants are so strong that they can support more weight than a healthy, natural tooth. Grinding and chewing food is never a problem. That’s why our Brookline dentists recommend them for replacing any number of missing teeth, regardless of what part of your mouth is affected.

✓ You Can Replace as Many Teeth as Necessary

Because of their strength, you can replace something as large as a full mouth, All-on-4 denture with as few as four implants. Or, support an extended bridge with just two or three implants. You have many options to choose from. For single teeth, the implants are covered with a customized porcelain crown. There are a multitude of options to consider.

Find Out If Dental Implants Are For You

To find out whether or not implants are an option for you, we invite you to schedule a no-pressure consultation where you can discuss your concerns and expectations with our Board Certified Dental Implant Specialists.

Contact Longwood Dental Group in Brookline today to schedule a private consultation with one of our implant dentists. We’ll be happy to answer any other questions that you may have!