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Care for your Nightguard

Congratulations on taking a preventative step in protecting your teeth and restorations jaw muscles and joints!

How to care for your new appliance:

  • Brush your nightguard in the morning when you regularly brush your teeth.
  • Rinse with cool water before and after use and store dry.
  • Do not soak the nightguard in mouthwash denture cleanser or hot water.
  • Do not place your nightguard in direct sunlight.
  • If your nightguard becomes loose tight or causes any discomfort; contact the office at 617.566.5445.

It is important to maintain your regular hygiene and oral exam appointments to maintain optimum oral health. This allows us to monitor for gum disease decay and the breakdown of previous dentalrestorations. Regular checkups will also ensure optimizing the results of your nightguard use.

You are welcome to bring your appliance to your cleaning appointments and our hygienist will freshen your appliance in a tartar control ultrasonic bath.