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Bleaching Instructions



  • Rinse off trays before you use them.
  • Use only COLD water to clean trays. They can melt in hot water.
  • Brush teeth before and after each use.
  • Place a “BB” size amount of gel on the inside front of tray on each tooth.
  • Place trays in mouth. Some gel may get on the gums, gently wipe off any gel with finger or cloth.
  • Rinse trays with COLD water and clean out gel with toothbrush or Q-Tip.

Repeat process daily until desired shade. This typically takes about two weeks.


  • Everyone’s teeth bleach differently and will reach different shades.
  • During the bleaching process streaking may appear on teeth, this evens out as bleaching process progresses.
  • Bleaching is not permanent. You will have to repeat the process as necessary to maintain results.
  • Certain foods and liquids stain more than others. Examples are: coffee, tea, tobacco and all colored sodas.
  • Bleaching is very safe for teeth, even if you feel sensitivity.

Bleaching does not replace necessary daily oral hygiene including brushing and flossing. In fact, neglecting daily oral hygiene will slow the bleaching process and may prevent optimum results. Bleach refills may be purchased at the office. Please call 617.566.5445 with any questions.